• College Essay 
  • College Interview 
  • Counselor Recommendation 
  • GPA Game
  • Financial Aid
  • Teacher Recommendation
  • Tips for the Application Process

case Studies

Offer your students and parents or your own counseling office the opportunity to participate in a mock admissions review. We will present 3-4 sample college applications to the audience. Our NEARR members will lead a discussion on what an admissions office is looking for when evaluating an applicant. 

college admission panel participant

This is an opportunity for students and their families to hear about the college admissions process from the perspective of admissions counselors and have their questions answered involving the admissions process.

Mini Fairs

Expose your students to a variety of colleges and universities outside of New England through a mini college fair setting. The mini fair can take place during school hours or in the evening.  

Upcoming Counselor Events

Check back soon for upcoming events!

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